Verb Phrase Examples

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Verb phrase are two or more words which contain a verb and adverb or verb and a preposition respectively. Verbs are the words which define the action in the sentence such as walking, singing, dancing, talking, eating and may more. Mention here are some examples of verb phrases in different sentences.

Clean up (Meaning: Tide and neat.)

Example: It’s important for the students to clean up their locker regularly.

Count on (Meaning: believe on or trust.)

Example: The pets count on their owners for almost everything.

Ask around (Meaning: To ask people around the same question.)

Example: She asked around if anyone has seen her bag.

Break down. (Meaning: to get upset or have an emotional outburst.)

Example: The little girl had a break down with the loss of her puppy.

Come from (Meaning: Originates from or belongs from.)

Example: Sam’s ancestor come from Jewish background.

Bring something up. (Meaning: Begin to talk about something.)

Example: My friend brings up about her birthday party celebration every time.

Calm down (Meaning: To relax after being upset about something.)

Example: The old man needs to calm down and understand the situation he is facing.

Catch up (Meaning: Reach the point others are on.)

Example: The young people need to catch up with the kids who are climbing the cliff very fast.

Cheer up (Meaning: Be happy, rejoice.)

Example: The cake always make me cheer up no matter what situation I am facing.

Go over (Meaning: Review or look through.)

Example: It’s recommended that the students go over all their classwork before the exam.

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