Verb Phrase Definition

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Verbs are the words which define the action in the sentence such as walking, singing, dancing, talking, eating and may more. Verb phrase in the part or phrase in the sentence which contains directly or indirectly words of the verb. Mention here are some examples of verb phrases in different sentences.

She was walking slowly to her class.

He should think before speaking his speech.

Anna might eat her pie right now.

She must go to her music class today at 5 PM.

My mother is making all of us delicious lunch.

You have told about the birthday part to all your classmates in the school.

Ben is writing his homework from the past two days.

The pet was not happy to learn the new skills yesterday.

Walking on snow, we had so much fun last winter.

It takes two children to play the board games.

Everyone like to sing songs once a while.

The party at Steve’s house was very good, everybody could not stop dancing.

Open the window to let the fresh air inside.

Finally they can afford to buy a brand new car.

I like talking long walk under the bright summer skies.

She like to run on open fields.

The monkey watched the two cats fight over a rat.

Texting on the phone is very common in today’s world.

Words were spoken well by everyone.

Ted like to eat a lot, he doesn’t miss a meal ever.

Those boys are not trying very hard to win the match on Saturday.

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