Simple Sentence

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In English there are different kinds of sentences. The simple sentence is the basic kind of sentences. Simple sentences contain a subject and verb to express the thought. Following are the examples of simple sentences.

This is a textbook.

That is not a notebook.

These are not textbooks

Are these your textbooks?

What is your favorite color?

The park is full of children.

Anna likes to run every morning.

My mother is at the grocery shop.

How old are you?

How many students are in the class?

How many tree are there in the lawn?

The truck is parked next to the wall.

How many brothers do you have?

I have lots of books to read.

Ben has no time to meet his friend.

There is a school bag on the table.

There are two pencils in the box.

How much bread is there?

Here is a few question for you to learn.

She opened the door

When did you open the door?

Sam has brought a new car.

Has your sister come from London?

Get her two pounds of butter.

It’s getting very cold outside.

I did not understand what you just said.

She has to go for now.

He said he always carried the phone.

Lisa promised she would reserve a table for me

I take the subway.

I go back to the kitchen.

She turn offs the light.

Can you speak slowly, Please?

How do you this?

You have do this by today.

She hopes to get the best grade.

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