Punctuation and Capitalization

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Punctuation marks are crucial in writing to make the readers understand the sentence construction of the writer. Imagine a paragraph without any punctuation such as, capitalization, full stop (period), comma, question mark, semicolon etc. It will be extremely confusing for the reader to make heads or tails with any piece of writing. Some of the important punctuation marks are: capitalization, commas, semicolons, colons and period (full-stop). Capitalization occurs in the first word of a sentence, the first word of a quote, a proper noun, a person’s title, geographic location, names of days of the week and months, names of languages, titles of books, the first word of a salutation, the first word of the closing of a letter etc. However, one should refrain from capitalization while generally referring to places like, parks and cities, names of seasons (winter, autumn etc), and general areas of study (algebra, calculus etc.) The punctuation and capitalization rules are numerous and this paragraph refers to only a few essential features of the topic.

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