Personal Letter Format

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Personal letter are the letters which are sent to a person or an organization in order to acknowledge things in an informal way. Mentioned below is the format useful for writing a personal letter.

The sender’s address is to be written by the sender on the extreme top right side of the letter. This information helps the receiver to reply back using the mentioned address details.
The receiver’s address is written on left side of the letter beneath the sender’s address. It’s important to include the name of the receiver.

The date of the letter should be written below the senders address on the top right side of the letter.
Example for the date format is: 1st March 2009.

Is important to start the letter by greeting the receiver by appropriate prefixes or words such as Mr. / Mrs. / Miss / Dear/ Dr. etc. according to the familiarity with the person. 

Here the sender can write his/her message or information to the receiver. In a personal letter the sender usually can convey all his message in a less formal way according to his/her familiarity with the receiver.  

This is where the sender can conclude his letter. It is appropriate or preferred to use warm or considerate word while concluding a personal letter.

Example: “Yours”, “Best wishes”, “All the Best” etc.

At the very end of the letter the sender need to write his name or preferred signature beneath the concluding phrase.

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