Macbeth Vocabulary

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Macbeth is a very famous play written by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s literature a very unique style in writing. Mentioned here are some Macbeth’s vocabulary which can help read and understand the play better.

Noble (Meaning: Considered highly or belonging to a well-recognized origin.)

Prate (Meaning: Constantly talking about irrelevant things.)

Multitudinous (Meaning: Innumerable, too many to count.)

Unruly (Meaning: Lack of discipline.)

Hail (Meaning: Call for someone in a praising manner.)

Minion (Meaning: Dependent on a powerful person.)

Prophetic (Meaning: The ability to predict the future; fortunetelling)

Vantage (Meaning: Place or position holding good advantage)

Harbinger (Meaning: A person or thing which indicates the approach of another person.)

Verity (Meaning: truth or real principle)

Swift (Meaning: Quickly or moving very fast.)

Jocund (Meaning: Showing free spirit or cheerful)

Cloister (Meaning: Secluded or closed from the rest of the world.)

Mirth (Meaning: Amusement or rejoicing)

Nonpareil (Meaning: Above any comparison or having no match to compare.)

Purge (Meaning: Free form unnecessary feelings.)

Riddle (Meaning: Puzzle or a tricky problem.)

Wayward (Meaning: Difficult to give guidance or assistance to control.)

Upbraid (Meaning: Criticize someone or point out faults in other person.)

Stealthy (Meaning: Acting or behaving cautiously or carefully.)

Wake (Meaning: To become awake or conscious.)

Perfect (Meaning: Complete or flawless)

Fortune (Meaning: Path of life or incidence also refers to good luck.)

Pester (Meaning: Annoy or trouble another person by their actions.)

Epicure (Meaning: A person who enjoys good food and drinks.)

Applaud (Meaning: A sense of appreciation or approval.)

Industrious (Meaning: Hard working and patient.)

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