List of Present Tense Verbs

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Verbs are the words which describe or define the state of action. The present tense are the words which define the state of action in the present time.

Example for present tense verbs are as follows:

I sing (Sentence: I sing every morning)

She lives (Sentence: She lives in Washington DC)

They Play (Sentence: They play in the park every evening.)

Eat (sentence: Goats eat grass)

Listening (Sentence: I enjoy listening to the radio every day.)

Choosing (Sentence: I have difficulty with choosing between my friends.)

Drinking (Sentence: I like drinking hot chocolate every other day.)

Present tense are of four types:

1)    Simple Present tense.
2)    Present continuous tense.
3)    Present perfect tense.
4)    Present perfect continuous tense.

Here are some examples of different kinds of present tense verbs used in sentences.

She drinks tea every morning. (Example of simple present tense.)

Here arrives the plane. (Example of simple present tense.)

She is singing her favorite song. (Example of present continuous tense.)

I am walking in the garden. (Example of present continuous tense)

They have lived in Boston for 3 years, (Example of present perfect tense.)

Coffee is too hot (Present simple tense)

The school band is singing in the auditorium (Present progressive tense)

I have been to Europe. (Present perfect tense)

He is going to the theatre tonight. (Present progressive tense.)

I have been reading of the exam from the last one month. (Example of present perfect continuous tense.)

The children have been playing since 5’0 clock (Example of present perfect continuous tense.)

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