Adjectives That Begin With P

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Adjectives are the words, phrases which are added to the noun in a sentence to enhance or modify the meaning of the used noun. The letter 'p' is one of the most common words in English. There are many useful adjectives which start with the letter ‘p’; these adjectives enhance the meaning of the sentences.

Following are different adjectives starting with the letter 'p'. Mentioned below is the meaning of the adjective and a suitable example using the adjective starting with the letter 'p' in a sentence?

Peaceful means calm or restful.
Sentence: It is a peaceful day.
Here peaceful is the adjective and day is the noun.

Polite means well behaved or good manners.
Sentence: Nancy is a very polite girl.
Here polite is the adjective and girl is the noun.

Playful means fun.
The playful dog likes to run on the grass.
Here playful is the adjective and dog is the noun

Priceless: Very precious to have a price tag.
Sentence: Time spent with family is priceless.
Here priceless is the adjective and family is the noun.

Pleasant means enjoyable.
Mary likes to take pleasant morning walks.
Here pleasant is the adjective and morning is the noun.

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