What is a Geometric Shape

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A geometric shape is a figure which is formed when different line segments are connected together. The lines forming the geometric shape become the sides of the shape and these sides form their respective angles. There are different kinds of geometric shapes and we can classify them based on the number of dimensions they have. For example geometric shapes consisting of 2-dimensions such as length and width are squares, rectangles, parallelograms etc. and shapes consisting of 3-dimensions are cylinders, cones, cubes, pyramids etc.

Example 1: Find the area and perimeter of a square whose side length is 3m.

Square is a 2-dimensional geometric shape and has 4 sides.

The given square has side length, s = 3m

Area of a square = side length * side length

The area of square is = 3m * 3m = 9m2.

The perimeter of a square = 4 * side length

Hence, perimeter of the square = 4 * 3m = 12m.

Therefore, area = 9m2 and perimeter = 12m.

Example 2: What is the volume of the cube whose side measures 7m?

A cube is a 3-dimensional geometric shape and has 12 sides.

Given the side length of the cube, s = 7m

Volume is the amount of space contained inside a cube.

Volume of a cube, V = s3

Therefore volume of the given cube, V = (7m)3

This gives: Volume, V = 343m3

Therefore the volume of a cube whose side measures 7m is 343m3

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