What are Geometric Shapes

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A geometric shape is formed by joining various line segments together and the study of these geometric shapes comes under the section of Geometry in Mathematics. When a geometric shape is formed, it consists of different measurements such as the side length, angle measure, area, perimeter etc. These measurements are very helpful in analyzing the given geometric structure accordingly. There are 2-dimensional geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle etc. and 3-dimensional shapes such as cube, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, prism etc.

 Example 1: Calculate the area of a triangle which has base side of length 6 cm and height of 9 cm?

Triangle is a geometric shape which has 3 sides.

The area of the triangle is = 1/2 *(base)* (height)

Given: Base length of the triangle, b = 6cm

Height of the triangle, h = 9cm

This gives, Area of the triangle, A = 1 /2 * 6 cm * 9 cm = 27 cm2.

Therefore, area of the given triangle is 27 cm2
Example 2: Calculate the area and perimeter of the rectangle with dimensions 4m and 3m?

Rectangle is geometric shape with 4 sides.

The given rectangle has dimensions 4m and 3m respectively.

Given: Length, l = 4m; Width, w = 3m.

Area of rectangle = length * width

The area of rectangle is = 4m * 3m = 12m2.

The perimeter of the rectangle = 2(length + width)

The perimeter of the rectangle = 2(4 + 3) = 2 * 7 = 14m.

Hence, area = 12m2 and perimeter = 14m.

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