Three Dimensional Shapes

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In geometry, there are different structures of various shapes and sizes. We can classify the geometric shapes into 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. Three dimensional shapes are the geometric figures which consist of three size measurements. In most cases the measurements are called as the length, the width and the height. There are different examples of three dimensional shapes like a cube, prism, sphere etc. We can find the surface areas and the volumes of these geometric shapes according to their formulas.
Example 1: What is the volume of a rectangular prism (cuboid) whose measurements are: length is 8m, width is 5m and height is 6m.?

Given: length, l = 8m; width, w = 5m and height, h = 6m

A cuboid is a three dimensional geometric shape consisting of the length, the width and the height.

Volume of the rectangular prism or cuboid, V = (length) * (width) * (height)

This gives: Volume, V = 8m * 5m * 6m = 240m3

 Example 2: What is the total surface area of the cube if the side of the cube measures 7m?

Given the side length of the cube, s = 7m

A cube has 6 surfaces and it is a 3-dimensional shape where each surface is a square of equal sides

Hence area of each surface = (side length)2

Area of each surface = (7m)2 = 49m2

There are ‘6’ surfaces in a cube, hence = 6 * s2 = 6 * 49m2 = 294m2

Hence the total surface area of the given cube = 294m2

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