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A 2-dimensional four sided polygon is called as a Quadrilateral. Different types of Quadrilateral are
  • Opposite sides are parallel and equal.
  • Area = base x height
  • Two pairs of adjacent sides are equal.
    AB = BC and AD = CD
  • Diagonals intersect at right angles.
  • Area = (AC x BD)2
  • Opposite sides are parallel and equal.
  • Each angle in a rectangle is 90°.
  • Area = Length x width
  • All the four sides are equal.
  • Diagonals are perpendicular.
  • Area = (PQ × RS)2
A pair of sides is parallel.
Area = (a+b)h2
Here a, b are length of parallel sides
And h is the height.
  • All the sides are equal.
  • Diagonals bisect each other.
  • Each angle in a square is equal to 90°
  • Area = side²
1) A parallelogram with all sides equal and angles as right angles is a
(a) Rectangle          (b) Square          (c) Rhombus          (d) Kite
Answer: b
2) Select a regular quadrilateral from the following
(a) Rectangle          (b) Parallelogram         (c) Square          (d) Rhombus
3) Statement I: A square is also a rectangle.
    Statement II: A rectangle is also a square.
(a) Both I & II are true          (b) I is true, II is false
(c) I is false, II is true          (d) Both I & II are false
Answer: b
4) Sum of interior angles in a quadrilateral is
(a)180°         (b) 360°         (c) 90°          (d) can't be determined

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