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A polygon is a closed figure in which 3 or more line segments are joined together.
A polygon is said to be a “regular polygon
  1. If all the sides are equal.
  2. If all the angles are equal.
Basing on the number of sides, the polygons are classified.
If n is the number of sides then,
  1. Sum of interior angles of a polygon is (n-2) 180°.
  2. Sum of exterior angles of a polygon is 360°.
For regular polygons,
  1. Each interior angle is ((n-2)180°)/n.
  2. Each exterior angle is (360°)/n.
  • If all corners of a polygon lie on the same circle then it is called as a cyclic polygon.
  • If all the corner angles of a polygon are equal then it is called as equiangular polygon.
  • If all the edges of a polygon are equal in length it is called as equilateral polygon.
Example: Calculate the measure of one interior angle of a regular hexadecagon (16 sided polygon).
Answer: Each interior angle is
Polygon Answer

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