Line Plot Worksheets

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Most people have trouble visualizing the lists or tables of numerical information. With a line graph we can solve this trouble. We need to place numbers at the lowest part of the graph and then we place X over the right range for every of the data point collected. If variety is recurrent then we place the X on top of it. Line plot provides a visible description of associate outlier. The area between the information  and also the outlier is taken into account. We can find the places on the quantity line wherever information is concentrated.


After a field trip to the park, students in Mrs. Miller's art class counted the number of leaf rubbings they had made.

Using the information in the table draw the line plot .

·         The scales are drawn within the range zero to four.

·         A horizontal number line is drawn on the paper.

·         Then the x is done according to the number of students


The coach of Academic Bowl recorded the scores during a trifle game to see who would represent the college at the regional competition.

Use the information plot below.

Scores recorded during a trifle game were 5   5   5   5   5   5   5   5   5   6   6   6   6   6   7   7   7   7   7   7   8   8   8   8   8   8   8   9   10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10   10.

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