Geometry Definitions

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Geometry is a section in Mathematics which deals with different lines, angles and predominantly is the study of various shapes and their measurements. When two or more lines are connected, various kinds of shapes are formed and those shapes are called by different names like squares, rectangles, triangles etc. These geometric shapes have different side lengths, angles areas, volumes etc. and the study of all these measurements is Geometry. Geometry constitutes one of the most important sections in math and its concepts are used most of the time in our daily life.
Example 1: Calculate the area of a triangle which has base side of length 5m and height of 4m?

Soultion: Triangle is a geometric shape which has 3 sides and 3 angles.
The area of the triangle is = 1/2 *(base)* (height)
Given: Base length of the triangle, b = 5m
Height of the triangle, h = 4m
This gives, Area of the triangle, A = 1/2 * 5m * 4m = 10m2.

Therefore, area of the given triangle is 10m2
Example 2: Calculate the area of a circle if the radius of the circle is 3m.

Solution: In the given question, radius of the circle, r = 3m
Area of the circle is given by the formula, Area = π * (radius)2
In the above formula, ‘π’ (known as ‘pi’) is a constant ==> Value of π = 3.14
Therefore we get, Area of the circle, A = π * (3m)2 ==> Area, A = 9π = 28.3m2

Hence area of the given circle, A = 28.3m2

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