Different Shapes

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Different shapes involve various kinds of shapes based on the sides. Shape is an appearance of something.  There are various kinds of shapes. A shape with 3 sides is called triangles. The shape with 4 sides can be rectangle or square. Sometimes the sides are equal and sometimes they are not equal. Their names are different depending on the length of the sides.   For example, in triangle when all 3 sides are equal then it is a equilateral triangle. When all three sides are of different length they are called as scalene triangle.
 Common shapes are
Two – Dimensional shapes (example circle, square, triangle etc)
Three – Dimensional shapes (example Sphere, cube, pyramid etc….) 

=> Here triangle, parallelogram and trapezoid are different shapes use to fill the triangle.

Problem 2: Which shape has exactly 7 vertices and which shape has exactly 12 sides?

Solution: The shape heptagon has exactly 7 vertices and   dodecagon or 12-gon has 12 sides.

Problem 3: What is the main difference between squares and rectangles?

Solution: Both squares and rectangles have 4 right angles inside. The main difference between them is that squares have 4 equal sides, whereas rectangles have 2 sets of equal sides. Not all 4 sides of a rectangle are the same length, like they are in a square.

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