Definition of slope in Math

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Definition of slope in math is very important tool to understand the concept behind the slope. Slope generally a term of geometry. Slope is represented by small letter m. Slope of line is very important part in geometry and it is found out by the following formula:-

Slope, m = (y2- y1)/ (x2- x1)

Here (x1, y1) are the one coordinate of the line, and (x2, y2) are the other coordinates of the line.
So from above we observe that for finding the slope of line we need at least two coordinates of the line. It can be more clarified by the following below mentioned examples.
Problem 1: Find the slope of line shown in figure 1.

Solution: Given coordinates are as follows: - (3, 4) and (5, 6)

=> We know that, Slope of line, m = (y2- y1)/ (x2- x1)

=> And here x1 = 3, y1 = 4, x2 = 5 and y2 = 6.

=> Therefore, Slope of line, m = (y2- y1)/ (x2- x1) = (6-4) / (5-3) = 2/2 = 1

=> Therefore the slope line shown in above figure is 1, that is m = 1.

Problem 2: Find the slope of line if one coordinate of line is (100, 200) and other coordinate of line is (300, 1000).

Solution: Let (x1, y1) = (100, 200) be the first coordinate of the line

=> And also Let (x2, y2) = (300, 1000) be the second coordinate of the line.

=> We know that, Slope of line, m = (y2- y1)/ (x2- x1) = (1000-200)/ (300-100)  
= 800/ 200 = 4.

=> Therefore slope of line is 4.

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