Definition of Coordinate

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Definition of coordinate is an introduction to coordinate geometry. In geometry the position of any point on a plane is described by pair of numbers called ordered pairs.

The coordinate plain is given below.

It has two lines perpendicular to each other. In the plane, the horizontal line is x-axis and vertical line is y-axis. The point where both the axis crosses is the origin and it is the point where x and y remains zero. In x-axis, the values to the right of origin are positive and to left are negative. In y axis, the values above the origin are positive and below the origin are negative. 

The below 2 examples show you how to plot a point in graph.

Example 1: Plot the point (3, -6) on graph

Solution: The center point is the origin and it is written as point (0, 0) because both x and y are zero at this point.

=> From the given point (3, -6)

=> X is positive 3 and y is -6

=> So move 3 units to the right on x axis and 6 units down on y axis

 => (3, -6) is the point where it meets.

 Example 2: Find location of point on graph?

Solution: Start from origin

=> Draw lines from the point that cuts x axis and y axis respectively.

=> Since, the line cuts at point 3 on x axis and at point 4 on y axis.

=> Therefore x= 3 and y=4

=> So, the point shown in graph is (3, 4)

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