Define Scalene

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Scalene is a type of a triangle having sides that are unequal in length. The angles and sides of scale triangle are always different. Basically, there are three types of triangles; they are isosceles, equilateral and scalene triangle.  The triangles that are drawn at random would be scalene triangles. The interior angles of scalene triangle are always not of same measurment. Note that, in scalene triangle the shortest side is opposite to the smallest angle and longest side is opposite to largest angle.

Example 1: Calculate the area of scalene triangle whose base is 9 cm and height is 4 cm

Solution 1: Given Base of triangle = 9 cm

 Height = 4 cm

 The formula to find area of triangle = (b X h) / 2

 Plug in the values in the formula

 Area = (9 X 4) / 2 = 36 / 2 = 18 cm2

 Note: check your units while calculating areas.

Example 2: The lengths of sides of scalene triangle are 8 cm; 12 cm and 16 cm. Find the area of triangle.

Solution 2: To find area of triangle with given sides, use Heron’s formula

     = √ 18 (10) (6) (2) = √ 2160 = 46.48

   => Therefore, Area of triangle = 46.48 cm

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