Conjecture Geometry

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Conjecture geometry is a very useful tool. A conjecture is a hypothesis. Some of the hypothesis is when 2

angles form a linear pair the addition of the angles is 180 degrees. The vertical angle conjecture is when 2

angles are vertical angles, and then both measure the same or are congruent. This way there are different

types of conjecture hypothesis like corresponding angles conjecture, alternate interior angle conjecture and

others. Conjecture geometry is useful for triangles, like SSS / ASA / SAS congruence conjectures. Even used

for quadrilateral/ pentagon/ polygon sum conjectures.

Example 1: Using SAS triangle area conjecture find the area of triangle with sides 4 cm and 8 cm

having angle between these sides C = 30 degrees.

Solution: In the given problem

 Area of Triangle = (1/2 a b) sin C

 Plugging in the values of a, b and C we get,

 Area of Triangle = (1/2 x 4 x 8) sin 30

 16 sin 30 = 16 x ½ (since sin 30 = ½)

 8 cm^2

 The area of the triangle = 8 cm^2.

Example 2: Using equiangular polygon conjecture find the measure of interior angle if number of

sides of the polygon are 5.

Solution: For the given problem

 Interior angle = [(n - 2) x 180] / n

 plugging in the values of n we get,

 Interior angle = [(5 – 2) x 180] / 3

 [(3) x 180] / 3 

 Interior angle = 180 degrees.

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