Circle Graph

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A circle is set of all the points that are in the same plane and equidistant from a central point. The radius of a circle is a line segment that joins center of the circle and any point on the circle. The circle graph is a graph drawn in the shape of a circle and is divided into sectors. Each of these sectors represents a part of a data set. These sectors may be mostly represented as percentage. This circle graph is also called pie chart. This circle graph is a very useful tool and may be better explained by the following examples. 

Example 1: A collection of 100 people are sitting in a room. These are 3 colored chairs; 40 sitting on red, 30 sitting on blue, and 30 sitting on green. Calculate the percentage of people on these 3 types of chairs.

Solution: Total no of people are 100
Percentage on red chair = 40/100 x 100= 40%
Percentage on blue chair = 30/100 x 100= 30%
Percentage on green chair = 30/100 x 100= 30%

Example 2: In a traffic jam, we have 30 Zen, 20 Santro, 25 Nano and 15 WagonR. Find the percentage of the types of cars.

Solution: Total cars = 30+20+25+15 = 90
Percentage of Zen = 30/90 x 100 = 33.33%
Percentage of Santro = 20/90 x 100 = 22.22%
Percentage of Nano = 25/90 x 100 = 27.77%
Percentage of WagonR = 15/90 x 100 = 16.66%

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