Basic Shapes

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In geometry there are many shapes. Basic shapes are the most commonly used shapes in geometry to analyze and solve different questions. Each geometric shape has its own significant properties and set of formulas. Some of the most basic shapes in geometry are triangles, squares, rectangles, circles,etc. Different geometric shapes can have different dimensions and accordingly their areas and perimeters can be calculated.

Example 1: Given is a right angle triangle with one of its angle as 30 degrees, find the third angle.

Given is a right angle triangle with one of the angles as 30°
Every right triangle has one of its angles as 90°
Sum of all the angles for any triangle is 180 degrees.
Let the unknown angle be C.
So, 90 + 30 + C = 180.
120 + C =180.
Subtract 120 on both sides.
Hence, C = 180 - 120 = 60 degrees.
Therefore the third angle in the given triangle is 60°

Example 2: Find the area of the circle which has the radius, r of 10 cm.

The radius of the given circle is 10 cm, i.e. r = 10 cm.
The formula for Area of the circle is, A = π × r2
The value of the constant Pi, π = 3.14
This makes the solution, Area, A = 3.14 * 10 * 10 cm2 = 314 cm2
The area of the given circle with radius 10 cm is 314 cm2 approximately.
Hence, Area of the given circle, A = 314 cm2


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