Basic Geometric Shapes

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Geometric shapes are analyzed and studied under Geometry. Each geometric shape has its own set of properties such as number of sides, dimensions, area, perimeter, volume etc. Every geometric shape has its own set of formulas. Two or more points are joined to form straight lines and these lines are the sides for a particular shape. More than two lines are joined and various geometric shapes are formed.

Example 1: What is the area of a triangle which has base side of length 10 cm and height of length 12 cm?
Triangle is a geometric shape which has 3 sides.
The area of the triangle is = 1/2 *(base)* (height)
Given are length of the base side and height of the triangle.
The value of b = 10 cm, h = 12 cm.
This makes the solution = 1 /2 * 10 cm * 12 cm = 60 cm2.
Therefore, area of the given triangle is 60 cm2.
Example 2: What is the area and perimeter of the rectangle with dimensions 3 cm and 2 cm?

Rectangle is geometric shape with 4 sides.
The given rectangle has dimensions are 3 cm and 2 cm respectively.
Length, l = 3 cm; Width, w = 2 cm.
Area of rectangle = length * width
The area of rectangle is = 3 cm * 2 cm = 6 cm2.
The perimeter of the rectangle = 2(length + width)
The perimeter of the rectangle = 2(3 + 2) = 2 * 5 = 10 cm.
Hence, area = 6 cm2 and perimeter = 10 cm.


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