Area of Right Triangle

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A triangle is a polygon which has 3 sides and their 3 respective angles. A right triangle is a type of triangle which has one of the angles as 90°. The side opposite to the 90° angle is called the ‘hypotenuse’ of the right triangle. Area of right triangle is the region covered inside the triangle and can be calculated using its base length and height.

Example 1: Calculate the area of a right triangle which has base length of 11m and height of 14m.

Given are the base length, b and height of the triangle, h.
The area of the right angled triangle, A = 1/2 *(base)* (height).
The value of its base, b = 11m, height, h = 14m
Now, Area of the right triangle, A = 1 /2 * 11m * 14m = 77m2
Therefore, area of the given right triangle is 77m2

Example 2: Calculate the area of the right angled triangle if the length of the base is 5m and its hypotenuse is 13m.
Given the length of the base of the triangle, b = 5m.

Given hypotenuse of the triangle, c = 13m.

By using the Pythagorean theorem we can get the height.

a2 + b2 = c2

a2 + (5)2 = (13)2 ==> a = √169 - 25 = 12m

Height of the triangle = 12m

Area of the triangle, A = 1/2 * base * height

Area, A = 1/2 * 5m * 12m = 30m2

Hence, area of the right triangle, A = 30m2


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