Graphing Linear Equation Worksheets

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Graphing linear equation worksheets involves problems on linear equation in two variables. The graph of a linear equation with the two variables always gives a straight line. To draw graph of linear equation in tow variable x and y follow the steps given below. First rewrite the given equation with y as the subject. Select some values of x and find corresponding values of y. Plot the points on the graph and then connect all the points by a straight line.

The given below two examples shows the graph of linear equation in two variables.

Example 1:-

Draw the graph of 2x +3y = -6

Solution 1:-

The given equation 2x + 3y = -6, it can be written as

3y = -2x – 6 or y = - (2/3) x – 6

Select any three values of x, say 0,3 and find the corresponding value of y

When x = 0 then  y = - 2/3 . 0 – 2 = -2

When x = 3 then y = -2/3 . 3 – 2 = -4

Now plot x ,y points A(0, -2) and B (3, -4) in a graph. The graph of given equation is given in the adjoining figure. Check that the

third point lies on the line.

Example 2:-

The graph of a linear equation in x and y passes through A(-1,-1) and B ( 2 , 5). Find the values of h and k if the graph passes

through (h, k) and (1/2, k)

Solution 2:-

Plot the points A (-1,-1) and B (2, 5 to meet the graph ) on a graph and draw a straight line passing through these points.

Through y = 4, draw a horizontal line to meet the graph of the straight line AB at the point p.  Through P, draw a vertical line

which meet x- axis at x = 3/2

So, h = 3/2

Similarly, through x= ½, draw a vertical line to meet the graph at Q. through Q, draw a horizontal line which meets y- axis at y= 2

So, k=2

Hence h = 3/2 and k = 2


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