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Give your child the Academic Help to Compete in Today’s World:

In today’s world, millions of students compete with each other’s to go to their dream college. Tutor Pace tutors helps those students achieve their academic goals, helping them learn and build self-confidence. Tutor Pace offers all SAT tutoring sessions in 1-to-1 real time environment so students get the undivided attention which results a higher engagement and accountability than they receive in a group setting. Tutor Pace also offers free practice test to help the students to find out their strength and weakness before the tests.

Advantage of Online SAT Tutoring:

Free Practice Test: Student can take a free practice test to find out their strengths and weaknesses. The result than can be shared with your tutor so your tutor can focus on the weak area and help you build self-confidence before the exam.
Guarantee Increase of Your Score: With our 30 hours of tutoring program, we guarantee that your score will increase by 200 pts. We recommend to complete the course in order to maintain eligibility.

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