Writing expressions

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An expression can be written using different variables, numbers and exponents. The variable is a varying quantity which can be represented by an alphabet such as (x, y, z, m, n…..). The exponent is the power of the number or the variables. The exponent tells the number of times the base variable or number is to be multiplied. The coefficient is the number which is multiplied to the variable. An expression can consist of arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Example 1: Evaluate the mathematical operation 3u – 2t + 6 when u = 1 and t = 2? 
Solution: The given expression is: 3u – 2t + 6. Here u and t are the variables.
The values for u = 1 and t = 2.
Substituting the values in the expression gives: 3 (1) – 2 (2) + 6 = 3 – 4 + 6.
Simplifying the numbers = 9 – 4 = 5. 
Hence the answer is = 5.
Question: Multiple choice question (Pick the correct option.)
Solve for the variable in the expression 4 v = 36?
a)    36                    b) -9                c) 9                 d) None of these.
Correct answer: option c.
The given expression is 4 v = 36. Here v is the unknown variable.
The coefficient for v is 4. Now for further solving for v.
 Divide both sides of the expression by 4.
This can be expressed as: 4 v / 4 = 36 / 4 = 9.
Hence the answer to the expression is v = 9.

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