Understanding moving the decimal

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The decimal number representation is one of the basic and important representations in mathematics. A decimal number is placing in decimal point between the digits. The decimal place can be moved according to different mathematical operation. The decimal number when multiplied by number having zeroes the decimal point moves to the right according to the number of zeroes. The decimal number when divided by number having zeroes the decimal point moves to the left according to the number of zeroes.

Example 1: Terry baked 100 cookies for a bake sale and sold them all for a price of $ 1.15 each. How much money did she make?
Solution: Number of cookies Terry baked = 100.
Price of each cookie = $ 1.15.
Amount of money Terry earned in the bake sale = 100 x 1.15 = 115.
(Here 100 has 2 zeroes so the decimal point can shit 2 places right in 1.15)
Total amount of money Terry made = $ 115.
Question: Multiple choice question (Pick the correct option.)
What is the answer for the division of 456 ÷ 100?
a)    456.0                          b) 45.6                        c) 4.56                        d) None of these.
Correct answer: option c.
 Explanation: Here the division 456 ÷ 100 = 456/100.
The number 456 is equal to 456.0 (A whole number has decimal point at the end of the digits.)
The number 100 has two zeroes so the decimal number moves 2 places to the left.
This gives, 456/100 = 4.56
Hence, the answer for the division = 4.56.

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