Rounding numbers

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Rounding numbers coverts large numbers and decimal numbers to simpler forms which are then useful to solve or express in a given question. This concept is commonly used in many word problem and different calculations. Rounding to the tenth’s place is rounding of a decimal number to the nearest one decimal space. Rounding to the hundredth’s place is rounding a decimal number to the nearest two decimal spaces. Rounding to the thousandth’s place is rounding a decimal number to the nearest three decimal spaces and so on.

Example 1: A basket of Mangoes consists of 8 mangoes and each of them cost $ 2.13. Find the total cost of the basket (Round to a whole number.)
Solution: Number of Mangoes in each basket = 8.
Price of each Mango = $ 2.13.
Hence price of the basket = 8 x $ 2.13 = 17.04
(Rounding the amount to a whole number.)
Hence the price of the basket = $ 17.
Question: Multiple choice question (Pick the correct option.)
What is the answer for dividing 155 ÷ 6 to the tenth decimal place?
a)    25.83                          b) 25.8                       c) 25.9                        d) None of these.
Correct answer: option b.
Here 155 is the dividend and 6 is the divisor.
While dividing the quotient is 25.83.
For rounding to the tenth decimal place the number to the right of the tenths place need to be check. Here 3 < 5.
So while rounding the number place a zero in the hundredth decimal place.

Hence rounding the number to the tenth decimal place value = 25.8.

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