Percent word problems 1

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Percentage means per hundred. The symbol used to represent percentage is given by ‘%’.  Percentage is one of the basic and important operations in mathematics. Percentages are used to solve different word problems. A percentage can be converted to a fraction and vice-versa. The whole quantity of any substance is the hundred percent (100%) of the whole substance.  The part of the whole quantity can be used to find the percentage. This can be represented as:
Percentage or a quantity = (part of the quantity/ whole quantity) x 100.
Example 1: There are 55 cupcakes in Jenna’s birthday party. If 11 cupcakes of the total are remaining. How much percent was eaten at the party?
Solution: The total number of cupcakes = 55.
Number of cupcakes remaining = 11.
Hence number of cupcakes eaten at the birthday party = 55 – 11 = 44.
Percentage cupcakes eaten = (Number of cupcakes eaten / Total number) x 100.
The percent of cupcakes eaten = 44 /55 * 100 = 4/5 x 100 = 4 x 20 = 80 %.
Hence 80% of the total cupcakes were eaten.
Question: Multiple choice question (Pick the correct option.)
On a snow day 40% of kids were playing outside out of 120. How many were playing in the snow?
a)    120                 b) 24               c) 48               d) None of these.
Correct answer: option c.
Number of children = 120.
The percentage of the number to be found = 40%.
The 20% of 120 further gives: 120 x 40/100 = 120 x 2/5 = 24 x 2 = 48.
Hence the answer is = 48.

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