Identifying parts of expressions

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There are different types of algebraic expressions in math. An expression can consist of different variables, numbers and exponents. Variable is denoted by a letter such as (x, y, z, m, n….).The exponent is the power of the number or the variables. The exponent tell the number of times the base variable or number is to be multiplied. The number multiplied to the variable is called the coefficient of the variable. The degree of the expression is the highest exponent of the variable in the expression.
Example 1: Identify the degree, coefficient, variable of the expression 10x3?
Solution: Here the given algebraic expression is 10x3.
The coefficient of the expression is = 10
The variable of the expression = x.
The exponent of the variable x is = 3.
The given expression is a monomial expression as the there is only one term in the expression.
The degree of the expression is = 3.
Question: Multiple choice question (Pick the correct option.)
Which of the following is a polynomial expression?
a)    5b                   b) 6b + 1        c) 20               d) None of these.
Correct answer: option b.
 Explanation: A polynomial expression as an expression which has more than one terms.
The expression 6b + 1 has two terms. Here 6b is one of the terms and 1 is the second term of the expression separated by an addition sign.
The variable of the expression is = b.
The coefficient of the variable = 6.
The exponent of the variable b = 1.
The constant number for the given expression = 1

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