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Common Core State Standards are rigorous educational standards used to measure progress for K-12 students in the areas of English/Language Arts and Math. Most U.S. states have already adopted these standards and are implementing them in schools across America. These academic standards are meant to prepare students for college and beyond.

Tutor Pace offers online tutoring that aligns with Common Core Standards to help prepare students for the challenges they may face during the school year. Each live tutoring session provides students with study help, test preparation, and instruction to improve critical thinking skills. The experienced tutoring professionals at Tutor Pace are dedicated to preparing K-12 students for success.

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Tutor Pace helps students meet the challenges of the Common Core State Standards by offering personalized online tutoring that is tailored to meet the academic needs of our students. Our individualized approach to online tutoring allows for our experienced tutors to provide an interactive, motivating tutoring session that is based around each student's unique learning style. Our tutors not only prepare students for standardized testing but also help them develop the critical thinking skills and study habits they will need to succeed in all of their classes.

Our online tutoring professionals are ready to help prepare your child to better meet the demands of Common Core Standards. Sign up today, and see the difference that an online tutoring session at Tutor Pace can make in your child's academic success.