What is Calculus

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Calculus mainly deals with differentiation, integration and limits of different functions with different variables. It is used for measuring quantities like volume, area for curves.
Applications of Calculus:
  • Geometry
  • Mechanics
  • Differentiation
  • Optimization
  • Economics
To find the slope of a line and area of rectangle shaped figures we use the concepts of algebra where as to find the slope of a curve or to find the area of curve shaped figures calculus is used.
Do you want to learn this chapter in an easy way?
Just 4 steps
  1. Formula in Derivatives.
  2. Integrals are nothing but anti derivatives.
  3. Go through a few examples
  4. Now learn the formulae of derivatives and integrals of Trigonometric and Hyperbolic functions.
Now apply the formula and concepts you have learned to the questions in the exercise.

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