Calculus Solutions

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Calculus solutions are an effective tool which is used to find the results of calculus problems. This tool is

used to find the problem which involved limit & continuity, differential calculus and integral calculus. It

provides the detailed solution of the calculus problem just by using the rules and formulas of calculus. This

tool is so effective that it provides not only the solutions but also provides the solution with proper


The below mentioned two examples will help us in understanding the same in better way.

Example 1:- Find the derivative of the 2(x2+1)

Solution 1:-  Given function are 2(x2+1)

To find: - d/dx 2(x2+1)

 We know that, d/dx (xn) = nxn-1

 Therefore, d/dx (2(x2+1)) = 2(d/dx(x2) + d/dx(1))

 So d/dx (2(x2+1)) = 2 (2x+0)

 Therefore, d/dx (2(x2+1)) =  4x +0= 4x

Hence d/dx (2(x2+1)) = 4x. This example gives the detailed solution of differential calculus


Example 2:- Find the integration of y50 dy

Solution 2:- Given function is y50.

 Here we have to find the integration of y50.

 Now we know that, ∫yn.dy  = yn+1/ n+1 + c, Here c is constant of integration

 Therefore,∫ y50 dy = (y50+1/ 50+1) + c  = y51 / 51+ c

 So the integration of y50 dx = y51 / 51+ c

In this example c is constant of integration.

This example gives the detailed solution of integral calculus problem by following the step by

step procedure in detailed way.


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