Calculus Problems and Answers

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Calculus Problems and Answers are basically the solved calculus problems. It involves calculus solved

problems especially the solved differential calculus and integral calculus. This will help also help in practicing

the same. And it is advantages because one can verify the solution after solving the problem. The answers of

Calculus problems are generally defined separately from the questions.

The better clarity can be developed from the examples and its solution. The examples are as shown below:-

Example 1:- Find the derivative of the function f(x) = x4/x2

Solution 1:-  Given function is f(x) = x4/x2

 To find: - d/dx f(x)  

 We know that, d/dx (x4/x2) = d/dx ( x4-2)

 Therefore, d/dx (x4/x2) = d/dx (x2) = 2x

 So d/dx (x4/x2) = 2x.

 Therefore, d/dx (x4/x2) = 2x

Hence d/dx (x4/x2) = 2x is the solution.

Example 2:- Find the integration of 1+x3 dx

Solution 2:- Given function is 1+x3

 Here we have to find the integration of 1+x3

 Now we know that, ∫xn.dx  = xn+1/ n+1 + c, Here c is constant of integration

Therefore,∫ 1+x3 dx = ∫ 1. dx + ∫ x3 dx= x + (x3+1/ 3+1) + c = x+ x4/4+ c   
So the integration of 1+x3 dx = = x+ x4/4+ c , here c is constant of integration.

 This is one of calculus problem and example. In this case, it is basically a integral calculus and its answers 


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