Calculus Problem Solver

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Calculus Problem Solver is the tool to solve the calculus problem specially the problems related to differential

calculus problems and integral calculus problems. This tool uses the well defined formulas of differential

calculus and integral calculus. Based on the formulas the evaluation of differential calculus and integral

calculation can be done in a very shorter period of time. Not only this, this tool is used to solve the complex

equations in an easy manner.

This can be more under stable by taking the relevant examples below.

Example 1:- Find the derivative of the function y, if y = 4x3

Solution 1:- Given function is y = 4x3

 To find: - d/dx 4x3

 We know that, d/dx (cxn) = c ( nxn-1)

 Therefore, d/dx 4x3= 4 d/dx (x3)

So d/dx 4x3= 4.(3 x3-1)

Therefore, d/dx 4x3= 12 x2

Hence d/dx 4x3= 12 x2.

This is the differential calculus problem solver. Here we have solved one important part of

calculus which is known as differential calculus.

Example 2:- Find the integration of x2 + x4 dx

Solution 2:- Given function are x2 + x4

 Here we have to find the integration of x2 + x4.

 Now we know that,∫xn.dx  = xn+1/ n+1 + c, Here c is constant of integration

Therefore,∫ x2 + x4 dx =  x2+1/2+1+ x4+1/4+1 + c

So the integration of x2 + x4 dx = x3/3 + x5/5 + c, Here c is constant of integration.

 And in this example we have found the result of important part of calculus that is known as

integral calculus 

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