How Did I Write My Essay and score 12/12 in my SAT

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tutorpace-blogI was never good at writing essays. To write my essay, I needed others’ help all the time. My English exams had long scared me because of essay writing. After passing my high school, I wanted to appear for SAT. I was doing well in other sections but was always failing in essay writing during my practice tests.

Surely, I feared that the writing section would not let me get the top score. I started taking advice from my teachers and searched for every possible thing that could help me at that point. But, nothing worked for me. I was still doing badly in the writing section.

One day, I found something that looked useful, while browsing over the Internet. That read something like “get your top essay score easily now”. There was a name that read Tutor Pace. I saw a ray of hope. So, I contacted them for help. They gave me an essay writer and an expert English tutor right away.

The experts taught me different ways of writing an essay. I improved in my writing skills by 180 degrees. I could understand a given topic and write a full essay on it. I could differentiate between objective and subjective themes. To add to my happiness, I scored a perfect 12/12 in the SAT writing section. Let me tell you all the benefits that I received from Tutor Pace in detail.

Write my essay: How did they help me write my essay?

In the very first session, the tutors didn’t ask me to write my essay. Instead, they guided me along. They taught me some of the most important guidelines that a quality essay sticks to.

To write my essay, I had to link my facts to the overall idea for justifying my opinion. An essay always contains an idea that has to be well explained using examples. The example may include facts, figures, or news. This way an essay flows better.

To write my essay, I needed to use specific information in each paragraph. Always try to do away with long paragraphs. We need to keep similar ideas together but in separate paragraphs. That doesn’t confuse a reader. The reader can’t move pages back and forth for re-reading the material.

A perfect essay is easy to read and understand. So, I had to always use simple and short sentences to write my essay. Try to not to use high vocabulary words because that is not easy to grasp.

A good essay shows the interlinking of ideas. To write my essay, I should highlight all the ideas by outlining them. That would help me find out whether it makes sense or not.

To write my essay, I should analyze the background properly. I should include both positives and negatives at the necessary places.

Also, one should never judge an essay by its length alone. To write my essay, I had to use enough value points to support my statement.

Well, these were the dos and don’ts that helped me write my essay greatly. Paying attention to these points means good analysis of an essay. Further, the essay writers gave me a perfect format of an easy to read essay.

Essay writers: What format did the essay writers advise me to follow?

Tutor Pace’s essay writers gave me the rule of a five paragraph essay. It can be followed with confidence and sincerity. According to the essay writers, it’s nothing but storytelling.

The first paragraph of a five paragraph essay is known as the introduction. This paragraph introduces the topic that one wants to write about. Just answer a few questions and you’ll make a good introduction. Firstly, what are you writing about? Include the main subject here. Secondly, what is your viewpoint on the subject? Write what you think and support your statement with examples.

The essay writers pinpointed that the second paragraph is the first body paragraph. Include your strongest idea or viewpoint, or argument in this paragraph. Insert examples and evidence to support your point. This one starts the main content of your essay. So, give a clear cut idea to the reader about what you are going to go forward with.

The essay writers said that the third paragraph is the second body paragraph. Include your second strongest viewpoint or argument in this paragraph. Give examples and facts to support your idea. This idea should be separated from the previous idea. They should be little similar (if they are by chance). Till here, the reader should understand your stand on the topic.

The essay writers suggested that the fourth paragraph is the third body paragraph. Include your third strongest idea or viewpoint here. Give any evidence that supports your claim. This paragraph ends the body of your essay. So, the reader should completely get your point by now. There should not be any confusion in the reader’s mind.

As per the essay writers, the fifth paragraph is the conclusion of the essay. Write a summary covering everything you said in just one or two lines. Provide any solution (if you can) toward the issue or problem. The conclusion should be strong, so that it leaves a lasting impression in the reader’s mind.

This five paragraph format helped me a lot to write my essay. I was able to craft a perfect essay with a clear idea on what I had to say to my readers.

Writing paper: I got great tips on writing paper from writing experts

While writing paper, some things have to be kept in mind to produce a quality writing paper. Let us look at the tips that I got directly from experts.

• Refine the topic: For writing paper, it is important to refine the topic as much as you can. A reader always wants to know specific things. So, make your topic as specific as possible.

• Research widely: Besides Internet, use other sources of information like books, journals, and newspapers. Always check the reliability of such sources.

• Write freely: The first draft of a writing paper lets you write as freely as you can. Insert everything that comes to your mind. You will be able to insert many valuable points this way.

• Edit later: Editing should always be done at the end. Look for non essential or redundant information and root it out. Remove jargons (if any) for clearing out the language.

• Crisp and clear: Look for the words and sentences that add only length but no value to your paper. Make your writing paper as crisp as possible. Every sentence should convey a message. A similar idea should not be repeated in other sentences. Avoid verbose language for a clean write up.

• Check for English: A grammatically correct writing paper wins everybody’s heart. Proofread the write up multiple times after finishing it. Have it edited by your English teacher once.

As I said earlier, I benefited a lot from Tutor Pace’s English and writing experts. I just want them to continue the great work. As struggling students, we need someone that is reliable, excellent, and best value. And tutor pace has been the one for me.

So, get a perfect essay score like me by getting the expert essay writers from Tutor Pace right now. I’m happy that now I can write my essay like no one else can.

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