Worried About Your Kid That His Math Grades Are Still Horrible? 9 Ways You Can Help

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Sinking grades in Math alarm any parent without limit. It demoralizes both the parents and kids and something has to be done to put the kid back in the track.

General struggles kids have in Math pertain to dyscalculia, dyslexia, Math anxiety and visual processing disorder. These Math disabilities cause troubles in counting numbers, memorizing facts, reading word problems, visualizing the abstract concepts leading to failing grades in Math tests.

Here are 9 ways to help your kid do Math better

Talk to the class teacher about math grades of your child:

When your kid says that he doesn’t fit in Math classes and it means there is something wrong with his Math classes and it is high time for you to contact the teacher. The teacher with her observations of your kid in the class can come out with suggestions about improving his Math skills. You can follow them during your kid’s Math homework hours and bring out constructive change in his Math abilities.

Look for educational evaluation system for low math grades:

You can contact the school authorities for conducting an educational evaluation of your child’s Math abilities and confirm whether he requires special support and services. If the school agrees and goes for evaluation, you need not pay anything. Considering your kid’s Math struggles, the school can provide individualized education program and help him improve his Math skills.

Talk to your medical advisor regarding the math grades:

Your family doctor can tell you whether your child has health related problems like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and if so, can suggest remedies to cure it. He can also advise you to take your kid to counselors and specialists who can lead your kid in the right direction by weeding out the negative impact of Math disorders like Math anxiety from his mind.

Talk to educational psychologists:

Talk to specialists who deal with the learning issues of kids and figure out the lurking reason for your kid’s Math disability. It helps you find out your kid’s inner reactions to Math classes like Math phobia, allergy to Algebra classes or finding it difficult to draw and visualize geometric shapes. Once you understand the underlying struggle, you can take steps to overcome them.

Seek external help to improve your kid’s math grades:

Your kid would have missed classes in middle school that has caused heavy damage to his Algebra or Geometry skills. Getting back to track is a great issue as some source should be there to connect the missing links. External help from tutoring sites can be the best solution in this matter. Contact online Math tutoring centers and pick out the best packages for reviewing your kid’s Math skills. Most of them conduct diagnosis tests which measure your kid’s plus and minus areas in Math. Online Math tutors take necessary steps to compensate what your child has lost in a personalized environment via custom made solutions. Make Math a game at home: Don’t threaten your kid with Math formulas and theorems but make Math a game and help him do Math with ease and confidence. Do not impact your kid with negative reactions on his wrong doings but be patient and kind in handling him. You can introduce simple hands on activities at home to improve his numeracy skills.

Connect to other parents:

Talk to parents whose kids have similar struggles. Know their strategies and try to manipulate them in reviewing your kid’s Math performance.

Check out apps and technology:

Children find apps and technology comfortable and easy to work with. Find out the apps and technical tools that help your kid learn Math facts and concepts with ease and thus boost his Math abilities.

Schedule regular homework hours for Math:

Skipping homework in Math due to fear is a very common syndrome in Math allergic students. Plan regular homework schedules for your kid and assist him in working out tough problems. You can bring in a priority list of homework sums and help him in the toughest ones with your guidance and tips. For this, you need to update your Math knowledge too.

So, your son’s Math grades will no more be horrible and you will feel elated to find him beaming with confidence and cheers while doing Math.

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