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Where Can I Retrieve My SAT Scores

April 16th, 2013 Admin Education
Where Can I Retrieve My SAT Scores

Before preparing for college admissions, you need to take the SAT test and qualify it to get admission into the college of your choice.

Whether you take the ACT or SAT test in high school then ACT score ranges from 1-36 and SAT score will range from 600-2400. The format of the SAT is changing quite a bit in the last decades. Hence the score you have received in 80’s would now be scaled differently.

To find your SAT score, you can try out, however, they do not keep score for long years. You can even ask for your school authority to get transcripts and ensure them that you are looking forward to get your SAT scores. If you are taking the online test preparation program then you can seek help from online tutoring authorities to retrieve your SAT score. can help you in following ways:

  • You can view results summary
  • You can have an understanding of your scores
  • You can get score detail in each section
  • View your essay
  • You can compare scores among your peers

Here, you can find simplified demystified and customized breakdown of your result numbers. You can find out how you did relative to other test-takers and get tools finding you fit to the colleges and help finding out possible careers based on your SAT performance.

If you have not successfully qualified SAT test then seek help from online tutoring services. Ask for any subject tutoring like Math online tutoring, English tutoring, and Science online tutoring from professional online tutor.

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