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What if My Child is Poor in Both Reading and Writing

February 28th, 2013 Admin Best Online Tutoring
What if My Child is Poor in Both Reading and Writing

The answer to the questions is all about spending some quality time reading and writing together.

Read to Your Child:

The parents who help reading to their toddlers always further grow as better student with effective reading and writing skills. A reading habit exposes your child to the vocabulary, sentence structure, and logical thinking and communication skills.  Reading gives quality time together which strengthen your parent-child bond.

Encourage Your Child to Read:

Once you start with reading, encourage your child to read and share their learning to you. Get them plenty of reading books of their own interesting subjects. Get them interesting books in dinosaurs, comics, story books and science books. Reading is not fun but also source of information. So start developing aptitude towards reading books on new subjects.

Make Reading and Writing Fun:

Encourage your child to make reading and writing fun.  Make your child develop new stories and write them down. At first, do not worry about grammar, just make them write. Recite their writing and encourage them asking what their writing mean. Just encourage how they deliver their ideas in writing. Do not nag them as you are making fun of writing.

Help Your Child:

When you find your child in trouble reading and understanding the books then help them and sort out their reading gaps. Assist your child learning new vocabulary and spellings to make them read better and faster. Often online tutoring websites offer games like “word of the day” which gives more vocabulary to learn. You can ask Q&A that creates more interest in reading books. Ensure that your child is not suffering from any physical disabilities like poor eyesight or dyslexia.

Spend Time for Homework:

Help your child them in any subject that forms part of curriculum. Spend at least couple of hours each day. Share their classroom learning and help them to complete their homework. During this time, you can give reading practice, writing Q&A and asking quiz on the lesson that is learnt. Online tutoring services can best help your child to improve reading and writing.

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