Want to Accept the Gift of Online Tutoring Reward Program

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tutorpace-blogWe, at Tutor Pace, have time and again introduced innovations to ensure the optimum satisfaction of our students. This time too we have created something that not only provides excellent service but also a precious reward to our students. Say a big hi to your dearly loved reward program.

Feeling zealous to know about it? Don’t worry; we’ll answer all types of questions for you, so that you are able to understand the hidden benefits of reward program.

I don’t know what is Reward Program?

The word reward means an appreciation or incentive. So, the reward program is also meant to reward you for your association with us.

What do I get in reward program?

The reward program is an exciting game of points. You earn points whenever you enroll in our subscription plans or even continue your enrollment with us. As you continue your subscription, the points keep on accumulating to give you huge benefits once you reach a total of 6000 points.

What are the criteria of earning points?

The criteria of earning the reward points are simple and seamless. You receive points on the basis of the subscription plan that you choose as per your requirements. We offer various plans, as given below:

College grade –

1 hour or 2 hours plan –  No point
5 Hours plan –                 250 points
10 Hours plan –               500 points
15 Hours plan –               750 points
20 Hours plan –              1000 points

Other than college grade-

Hourly plan –                   No point for hourly plan
Weekly Subscription –    250 points
Monthly Subscription –   1000 points

How do I get benefits?

You get benefits by redeeming a total of 6000 points.

What are the ways to redeem?

You can redeem either by check or by upgrading your current plan.

What do I get in these two methods?

If you redeem by check, we provide you a check worth 99$ in your name. You can simply place a request to receive the check at your home and we’ll deliver the check to your place within 7-10 working days from the day of the receipt of your request.

If you redeem by upgrading your current plan, you get to enjoy your plan further, the details of which are given below:

College Grads: Get a subscription plan for full 20 hours

Other than college grads: Get a subscription plan for one complete month

Don’t wait! Reward yourself now by calling Tutor Pace!

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