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Useful Math Hacks To Help You Score Better

January 30th, 2016 Admin 10th Grade Math Help
Useful Math Hacks To Help You Score Better

Conquering math and being super fast in solving problems is quite easy if you know a couple of useful math hacks. For instance, for multiplying large numbers, there is quite a simple trick for numbers close to 100. Knowing that can save you minutes and the error margin is also pretty low! Read on to learn about math tricks and tips from experts such as an online math tutor and score high in your exams.

Multiplying a number with 11 is way too easy

If you are multiplying a 2 digit number with 11, just write the 2 digit number with a space in the middle. Fill the middle space with the sum of the digits of the 2 numbers and you have the answer. For instance, if you want to multiply 43 by 11, you will get a 3 digit number beginning with 4 and ending with 3. The middle digit will simply be 4+3 = 7 making it 473.


The reverse order for multiples of 9

If you write down the multiples of 9 (1 to 10), you will find that the first digits in the products follow the sequence 0,1,2, etc. to 9 and the last digits are in the reverse order from 9 to 0; for example, 9*1 = 09 and 9*2 = 18 and so on.

Do percentages confuse you? They no longer will with this Math hack!

When you wish to calculate the percentage (which is in its tens like 10, 20, 30, etc) of a number, drop the units digit of the number and multiply this with the 10s digit of the percentage you are looking for. For instance, 40% of 200 would require you to multiply 4*20 = 80. This will help you when you purchase at stores and so on as they mostly use rounded off figures or numbers.

Learning such hacks could be the best math homework help you could ask for.

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