Upcoming Changes in SAT Test 2016

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tutorpace-blogYes, SAT has hit the headlines recently with its redesigned test patterns for 2016 Test. Whether it will reach out to its expected goals or not, the fact remains that the upcoming changes in SAT 2016 are an attempt to   align the high school course ware with the   college one as professed by the authorities.

The question now in our minds is what are those rocking changes that are going to be implemented in this remodeled Standardized Test with effect from 2016?

  1. Scoring- Instead of the current 2400 scoring points, now you have to sit for 1600, having the essay section as optional one. Well, that again raises the question-what are the sections you have to prep for –Reading, Math and Writing with optional essay writing.
  2. Reading and writing sections – you have to expect from a broader range of disciplines henceforth for your reading questions. You get questions from disciplines like Science, History, Social Studies and Literature hereon. You need to give evidences for your answer choices for reading and writing questions to justify your answers. You have to consider the context of the words for vocabulary and it comes out of your habitual interest in vocabulary instead of just memorizing to increase your word power. It means that there would be a lessened focus on obscure vocabulary.
  3. Math section- Math questions would cover more of Data analysis, Algebra, real world problem solving and advanced concepts in the revamped SAT Test. Your usage of the calculator will be minimized and there is no need for the use of calculator for every question.
  4. No penalizing for wrong answers- your wrong answers would not be marked negative and you do not lose points for them.
  5. Optional essay- If you prefer to write an essay, it will be a separate score from the rest of the test.  You would be given a passage and  you have to attempt an essay spotlighting the argumentative design, evidences given for the argument and the ideas styled there.   It is your analytical skills which are tested then and there.
  6. Scheduled time- It is 3 hours’ duration with an additional time of 50 minutes for essay to complete the Test when you sit for it.
  7. A passage from America’s founding documents- You would find a passage like The Declaration of Independence in every SAT test hereafter.

It is all with the purpose of aligning the education you learn at high school with what you are going to do in college, College Board has embarked upon these changes in its test design. Following are some of the reasons for this remodeled test pattern for SAT 2016.

  • To give more focus on questions that would attach to the students’ high school education.  It is a general view that SAT questions are detached from their high school learning and hence these changes.  Moreover, it is felt that more consideration is given to academic grades and ranks than standardized test scores.
  • To  create  still  more opportunities for students to seek college admissions through  improved standardized test scores  with more focus on the practical side of answering the questions
  • To increase the students ‘interest in taking SAT for college admission  , since there are more ACT takers and less SAT takers  of late
  • To encourage those schools for taking up  SAT- schools which prefer test optional policies and do not go in for SAT taking
  • To make students more equipped with focused, open and useful test design to face college courses with practical analyses and applications

Ideas for Your Prep

Yep, everything takes time and this new wave of SAT also will take time to manifest itself. Though at present, test sample questions would come for your perusal in the near future, you have to wait for proper prep channels with a focus on the changed patterns and desired study material for the same. Anyhow, your concentration on Math, reading skills and writing skills is the targeted potential for you to score high in the redesigned SAT and you have to look for more practical side of attempting the questions with a penchant for exhibiting your analytical skills.  It would be all good and safe for you to put your heart and mind in intense prep for Math concepts as they have been designed with an aim to prep you for your career and college courses.

Here on, you need to list out words that are widely used in your workplaces and classroom atmosphere to appear for SAT vocabulary test. Likewise, Math concepts also demand specific attention in certain areas like Algebra, which have more bearing towards college study course and your career afterwards. The College Board has given you solid two years  to understand the shift in the design and necessary methods you have to adopt in your test prep. Your focus is narrowed upon the key concepts that link you to your college study and life afterwards. Hence, take a look at all real world applications and content related to it to excel in the ongoing test in 2016 for SAT.

The College Board has announced free test prep services for the test takers along with providing ample time for your prep. They are coming out with the specifications in changes in SAT Test on April16 for the good use of the test takers. Anyhow, test prep is a compulsory factor which cannot be denied by anyone, if you wish to score decently in SAT Test. You need to get guidelines for your test prep and practice well beforehand. Same way, your attention to your high school work for high ranks and premium grades would definitely boost your chances.

It would be good for you, if you prop up your prep with the guidance of leading websites like Tutor Pace to gain exact insight into what the oncoming SAT Test demands from you.

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