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Top 7 Geometry Apps To Make Math Easier For Students

November 23rd, 2015 Admin Assignment help
Top 7 Geometry Apps To Make Math Easier For Students

Certain subjects like geometry and algebra are very different from what students are usually used to and this makes it all the more difficult for them to understand it. The fear of having to learn something new and of course the fact that it doesn’t conform to the usual style of learning they are used – both of these contribute to poor performance in the subject. Geometry is one such subject that students find way too difficult to handle when introduced at the very beginning and it only gets progressively worse. Here are a few top apps that are designed to help students learn the subject with ease and these are popularly recommended by even online geometry tutors.

#App1: GeoCon HD

This is a game designed for the iPad and helps students grasp the nuances of planar geometry with ease. This game enables learning by building and touching and is very effective for tactile/kinesthetic learners.

#App2: Symmetry School – Learning Geometry

This award winning app is excellent for learning geometry and parents and teachers use it alike to teach geometry to kids. Charged at a minimal $3.99, it is an excellent buy and provides great value for money in terms of learning and making the subject interesting and fun enough for kids to learn.

#App 3: Dragon Shapes – Lumio Geometry Challenge

This app is perfectly designed to cater to the learning needs of today’s children. Solving math puzzles related to shapes and geometry let students unlock Dragon shapes and this game is very popular amongst the student fraternity and has up to four academic levels of difficulty.

#App 4: My Geometric Universe

This is perhaps the most interesting of apps designed to teach geometry to kids. The player can actually draw shapes using pencils, protractor and set squares and cut them out to use in real world object building! Could you think of a better way to teach geometry and its applications to children? Not surprisingly, this app is very popularly used as geometry homework help by many parents.

#App 5: Montessori Geometry

This app again has a five star rating on many popular review sites and is one of the most comprehensive apps for learning geometry in a fun filled manner. In fact, this app is the popular choice for most editors who label it as a comprehensive, in depth and well crafted one to teach geometry effectively.

#App 6: Dragon Box Elements

This game enables students to learn geometry without them even knowing it! With a variety of puzzles, adventures and problems for them to solve that are built in to the game; they end up learning the subject in a matter of hours (at least the fundamentals)!

#App 7: Cyberchase 3D Builder

If your child is a fan of Cyberchase, all you need to do is download the app and they will start working with it right away! This is a 3D game wherein two of the popular characters Buzz and Delete accidentally delete houses and the player has to help them build 3D shapes from 2D ones. Innovatively designed, this app helps students visualize and build shapes in 3 dimensions and this is very helpful in learning geometry and serves as the best geometry assignment help for math.


Today’s education standards are very high and investing in apps that help students understand the fundamental concepts better and use them effectively are essential for them to be able to master the subject. This is specifically true when it comes to maths. The above mentioned apps are sure to be of help when it comes to mastering math and acing their exams.

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