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TOP 5 Latest Trends in Online Education

April 20th, 2013 Admin Education
TOP 5 Latest Trends in Online Education

Web based-learning with the advent of educational technology has brought innovations in the knowledge delivery process of schools and colleges. The education system is highly focused on creating ways to provide effective learning tools and techniques in the most cost effective way.

The 5 latest trends of online education in K-12 schools are:

Concept of Blended Learning:

Blended learning has gained tremendous growth in recent years. A lot of schools and colleges in urban areas have accepted blended learning to get know-how before investing in implementing learning management system.

Competency based Learning:

Competency based learning enables students to receive individualized instruction and opportunity to learn at their convenience. E-learning modules are gaining ground these days.

Mobile based Learning:

The mobile based learning has given the opportunity to utilize each second and minute learning new thing. Academic experts predict that mobile learning will grow quickly as other elements like online and blended learning. The extensive use of a Smartphone, notebooks and all other handy on-the go devices are leaning forward mobile-based learning.

Instructional Content:

The use of educational technology is not sufficient for an effective learning process. Technology facilitates the way of learning and not actual content that serves learning. The traditional way of learning through the curriculum is not enough. The portable learning encourages the growth and extensive use of instructional content.

Learning Management System:

Learning management system has given new dimension to the growth of online learning. Both online tutors and students get a convenient platform for effective sharing of knowledge. It is especially used by online tutoring and distance learning program where organizers analyze tutor and student performance and drive the development and growth towards improving overall performance of the students.

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