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Top 5 Ipad Productivity Apps For Back To School

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There are lots of iPad productivity apps that help you through your academic year with their functions. Following are the most effective of them that make you stay organized throughout the year. Here they are:

Graphic Calculator App-Quick Graph + in Ipad 

Quick Graph+ iPad app helps you get rid of the pain of carrying graphic calculator to your class and forgetting it all the while to trouble your friend to share his graphic calculator with you. This app turns your iPad into a graphic calculator with key features like multiple co ordinate system support, equation library and independent axis scaling etc.It has an in-app email system enabling you to share graphs and functions with your classmates. It is priced at $1.99.

Periodic Table App-The Elements in Ipad

The Elements is an app the helps you explore periodic table intensely. It is priced at $13.99 and comprises about 500 elements. It allows you to learn more about each element once you tap it. You can find the element’s history, photos relating to the element and so on. Though it is costly, it is extensive in information and is a great tool for exploring element and score fabulously in Chemistry. Though there are some free downloads for periodic table element apps, they don’t offer this much in-depth information.

Course Smart

Course Smart offers text of various text books for no cost. There are over 7000 text books in the library of Course Smart. The e-text books are licensed for 180 days for half of the price of the original physical text book. This app is especially good for students who have to refer to multiple text books for their course. You can go through the essential data for free first and can book the licensed book in case you need them. It is extremely cheaper compared to the price of the original physical text book.


You need a homework planner and organizer to keep track of your assignments and homework schedules. This is an amazing app in this regard and it helps you stay at the top of the class with well organized homework schedules. It allows you to keep track of class assignments, daily schedules and research necessary information with which is integrated with the app. You can record your grades in class tests and assignments and mail your assignments to friends. It is priced at $1.99.


This app is a Personal Information Manager. It is useful not only for your education but also for your career in future. It is available as a free version and pro version EssentialPIM. Through pro version, you are able to sync data with iOS, Android and Windows devices. Through free version, you are able to keep track of your data from only one device. This app is useful for planning your study times, assignments etc so that you can stay prepared and focused in your study schedules.

Thus, these iPad productivity apps are your great helpers for staying organized and focused throughout the academic year and win laurels in your studies.

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