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Top 5 Education Apps To Learn Science With Ease

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Technology is interwoven into every field today and the education sector is no exception. The modern audio-visual teaching aids employ the latest technological advancements. They have proven to be extremely beneficial in terms of helping students learn. Since apps are the latest entrants in this arena, parents often look for interesting apps. They look for apps that can help their wards learn subjects like science and math with relative ease while also making the learning experience a fun filled one for them. Here are a few of the popular apps that students love for learning science and these are quite helpful with homework and assignments as well. Many students have turned to these apps for learning the underlying concepts in various subjects and apps often turn up to be the best assignment help a student can ask for!

Best science apps for kids

Here is a list of the top 5 science apps for children.

Happy Little Farmer

This app teaches kids about plants and their life cycle. The child will be involved in a couple of farm relate activities and learn about fertilization, watering plants and about different types of fruits and veggies – how they are grown, etc. Treasure hunts, nursery rhymes, etc. are available too to help the kid enjoy the learning process and what’s more, they get to do it virtually without the dirt!

Sid the Science Kid

This app is interestingly based on a PBS show and teaches children a lot of different concepts such as gravity, friction and sliding. Investigative experiments such as trying to slide and learn about friction by playing games are a part of the learning experience this app offers.

Sea Life

This interesting app helps children learn about underwater life and go on a virtual tour and see 12 different kinds of marine life from seahorses to dolphins. It has been proven that audio visual learning is the best means to teach children and this app employs both effectively to make learning a fun filled experience for children.

Leo’s Pad

This is a series that helps preschoolers learn and this app was designed at the Stanford University. The app makes science fun to learn as children get to follow a group of eight friends (named after eminent scientists) and their fun filled adventures. Learning to build a telescope, rocket, gravity, etc. are part of the learning experience in the app. This is by far one of the best science apps and enjoys immense popularity amongst parents and kids alike.

iTooch Elementary School

This is one of the most comprehensive apps with a wide range of exercises created to help children understand science, math and arts. There are practise tests, exploratory lessons and many more activities such as 18k + exercises to help children learn. This also happens to be a free app which is all the more appealing!

With the help of such interesting apps, children get to learn in a fun filled manner without any stress or pressure. Also, all the apps are designed to help children understand the fundamentals thoroughly and yet in a manner that is enjoyable. Not only do parents use these apps to teach children, even professionals who teach science such as online science tutors employ these apps to aid them in teaching children. Also, there are apps for various different levels of learning and they are often used in online science tutoring services to help students grasp the underlying concepts better.

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