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How An Online Science Tutor Makes Science Learning Fun For Kids

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It is a proven fact that when students are taught the fun way. They show a measurable improvement in their exam performances. This is primarily because their cognitive functions are way better when taught in a stress free manner. This enables them to grasp the underlying theories and concepts. Today, there are numerous techniques and modern learning methodologies. Methodologies that are being employed to help students with their academics. Online tutors employ technology to the fullest extent possible in order to reach out to students. It helps them fare better in their studies. Here are the top 3 ways an online science tutor can make science learning extremely interesting and fun.

Conduct simple experiments to enable understanding

Science is perhaps the one area when teachers can come up with various ideas to teach students. Experiments are a cool way to engage the attention of kids. For instance, if you wish to teach the concept of say atmospheric pressure and how we measure it and so on. You can devise a simple experiment or a project and help students build a barometer using a few simple everyday items. Items such as a plastic bottle, a couple of pencils, a bowl and some clay, colours and markers. Building a barometer of these is quite simple and as kids get to do it. They’ll understand the underlying concept of how a barometer works. Based on the curriculum, make a list of experiments to learn new concepts and get the students to work on it every week. This is sure to help them with their homework and is also the best science homework help there is!

Take real life examples and explain concepts

Getting kids to think isn’t as difficult as one might think. Getting hold of real life situations and asking them questions about it. This is a sure way to get them thinking. Also, when a person explains using real world scenarios, it is easy for them to relate to. For instance, asking a child as to how a ball rolls down a slope would get him/her thinking and it becomes easier to explain how it actually happens. As opposed to talking to them in technical jargon and confusing them with inclined planes and forces, starting with a simple scenario that they are sure to have witnessed not only piques their curiosity but also helps them understand better.

Set aside one day for fun activities

One session a week should focus on hands on learning. Either conduct a quiz or ask them to work on some project or get them to read something before class and then ask questions or devise activities that test their learning of it. Asking children to write down the things they’ve learnt in their own words is a good method to gauge their understanding and identify their problem areas. It also helps them understand better as they try to piece together their thoughts on the topic at hand.

Similarly, there are many science apps that are available on various platforms such as Android and iOS that are extremely helpful in making science a fun and easy concept to learn for kids. Parents too can utilize these tools to help their children explore science. Instead of looking for science assignment help, they can look up these apps and help their children focus and learn better.


Technology today plays an important role in education and online tutors are exploring various avenues to employ technology to help children learn better. Devising experiments and providing hands on experience are some of the newer methods of learning and they have proven to be very successful as they help children learn things by doing it themselves and this has been the time tested way to learn most effectively.

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