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Top 10 Online Tutoring Schools

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With the internet penetrating and connecting every nook and corner of the world. The online platform has garnered a lot of popularity in various sectors such as commerce, finance, health and education. Particularly in education, this platform finds excellent use for students these days opt for online learning. With a lot of demand for round the clock help. Also expert support 24*7, many top notch universities and schools today offer online tutoring services. Here is a list of the top 10 online tutoring schools. Also, the kind of services that they offer; read on.

Binghamton University

This popular State University of New York offers a variety of free online tutoring programs. They are programs for students who have enrolled with the University. Qualified and proficient tutors are handpicked for these sessions. The lessons are offered in the following subjects: math, writing, accounting, biology and chemistry. These services are open for five days a week from Sunday through Thursday. This is taught from 7 pm till midnight. Students are sure to benefit from such classes. As the subjects chosen for these classes are conducted are usually the problem makers for most students.

St. Petersburg College

This eminent college offers 24*7 online tutoring services. Services for a variety of courses through its SmartThinking platform. There is an impressive ‘Drop in Tutoring’ feature that lets the students connect with a live tutor to work on their problem areas. This feature is available for a wide variety of subjects from arts and humanities to social and behavioral sciences. Yet another interesting feature is the Writing Center wherein a student can upload his/her paper or assignment and get it reviewed by subject experts. With such hands on help students are sure to get top notch grades in their exams and maintain a good GPA.

UCLA Engineering

UCLA Engineering offers free online tutoring to middle and high school students in the Southern California region. Students at UCLA Engineering are voluntary tutors in this program and it is designed to help students with tricky areas in math and sciences. Homework help, clarification of doubts, discussion forums and live interactions are the different learning options available to students in this amazing platform. Numerous schools are participating in this outreach program and have benefitted from it and students find it easier to communicate and learn in this platform as there are a number of innovative tools such interactive whiteboards that are employed to help students learn better.

Fulton Schools of Engineering

Fulton Schools of Engineering offers free online tutoring programs to students pursuing their under grad courses at the Arizona State University. The competition and difficulty at under grad levels are too high today and students find the need for additional help to cope with the stress and standards of today’s education. The online classes are open from 4-9 pm through the week and from 2- 9 pm on Sundays. Review sessions, workshops, options to interact with tutors without enrolling (as guests) and so on are available with these online tutoring sessions. The online classes are available for a variety of subjects and are conducted in a manner that is conducive to learning.

Arizona State University

The Arizona State University’s tutoring sessions are built around the concept – ‘Access Assistance Anywhere’. This succinctly captures the whole idea behind online tutoring and allows interactions with peer tutors (who have completed the classes on which the student seeking tutoring has currently enrolled. Innovative learning tools such as interactive whiteboards are employed in this forum and the tutors use power point slides and pdf documents to clarify doubts. Sessions are even recorded to allow for review later and the tutors are available from Sunday through Friday. On call assistance is available through the week and apart from this review sessions, online mentoring and online guides and videos too are available to help students learn better.

New York Institute of Technology

NYIT offers online tutoring services via Brainfuse and offers help in a variety of subjects such as math, physics, college writing, life sciences, business, accounting, resume help and computer literacy. Help for some of the subject areas are available throughout the day and round the clock with live tutors! With expert help being available 24*7 on a wide variety of subjects, students find it easier to cope with complex topics. Also, students have to be prepared with their questions in advanced to seek the tutor’s help and this ensures that they actually put in the requisite effort before connecting with a tutor.

College of Staten Island

Apart from drop in tutoring options, the College of Staten Island also offers online tutoring services. The online classes are free and students can avail them in the following subjects: English writing, History & Core 100, Math, Physics and Spanish. These tutoring sessions serve to supplement class-room learning and any subject area that the student finds difficult can be addressed in these sessions. Tutors also offer help with essays, take-home exams and help students hone their presentation and writing skills so that they can turn in better assignments and essays.

Math Tutor

Math tutor is a website that offers innovative learning solutions to facilitate easier learning of middle school math. This is a free website and students get to enjoy the use of intelligent software tutors. Students receive step by step explanations and feedback and these software solutions were built at the Carnegie Mellon University after extensive research and thus provide for a rich and comfortable learning experience for students. The curriculum and content available is aligned towards NCTM Focal Points and Common Care Domains. Students find it rewarding and fun to learn with such intelligent software and this technology has a proven success record.

MiraCosta College

MiraCosta College provides live and mail based tutoring services as part of the Western eTutoring Consortium of Colleges & Universities. Easy and fun to learn, this platform offers tutoring in many subject areas where students struggle to get good grades and they are: accounting, calculus, chemistry, physics, anatomy & physiology, biology, economics, engineering, psychology, Spanish, web development, statistics, Microsoft office and math. A variety of options such as eChat, eQuestions, eWriting lab, student tutorials and resources are available to help students with their problem areas.

Lorain County Community College

eTutoring services are offered at Lorain County Community College and the college is a member of Classes are provided in a wide range of subjects from biology, chemistry, writing, math, accounting and calculus II. With multiple options for tutoring such as eQuestions, eWriting, eChat and resources, The LCC Tutoring Center does offer the students a lot of flexible options to choose from and this in turn helps them understand better as they can choose the right medium for themselves to learn and improve their GPAs.

Tutor Pace is a leading online tutoring services provider with a wide array of professional tutoring services in a variety of subject areas. With a lot of interactive and innovative learning tools, eminent tutors and flexible learning options, Tutor Pace offers an excellent online learning platform for students at pocket-friendly rates. The assignment help services and homework help provided are top notch and students find it easier to voice their doubts and thus learn better and score high under the tutelage of the professional online tutors employed here.

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