Top 10 Mobile App For College Students In 2017

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People use mobile apps for anything and everything today! From financial transactions to playing games, mobile apps rule the roost today. Thus it should come as no wonder that there are mobile apps for educational purposes too. Educational apps cater to toddlers and even research scholars today. The most popularly sought after ones though are the ones designed for college students. With umpteen apps out there, it is important to pick the right ones that can help you improve your grades. Read on to learn about the top 10 mobile apps for college students in 2015 and why online tutors recommend them highly.

Nothing beats Dropbox mobile apps when it comes to storage

The most important thing that a student should learn first while studying is to stay organized. Dropbox is excellent for storing and organizing data and helps students collate their data in one place. Whether it is documents, videos, presentations or photos, everything can be stored on it and what’s more, new users get to enjoy 2 GB free storage! Referring friends brings in an additional 50 MB of storage and this immediately appeals to students and it is usable on a wide variety of devices.

Beat your math blues with Mathway mobile app

Almost every student experiences trouble with math especially at the college level wherein it is important to cross check answers and verify them. With Mathway students get to do just that! This is why online math tutors recommend that students use this app to verify and cross check their answers.

Learning on the Go with GoConqr mobile app

Students can literally learn on the go with the GoConqr app and discover an extraordinary 1.5 learning resources from across the globe to do so!

Master English with mobile app

Learning the proper usage of words, their meanings and other forms is very important to have a good command over English and is the ultimate guide that lets you do so! Learning complex new words and acing that English paper isn’t a distant dream anywhere with this popular app. This app comes highly recommended by every online English tutor!

Get better at organization with Pocket

Pocket is quite unfamiliar to most students and yet is one of the most useful apps when it comes to organizing information and study material. Students can bookmark content online (articles, videos, etc.) and look them up later.

Sty fit with MyFitnessPal

It is very important to stay fit and healthy to be able to use one’s mental acuity to its fullest. MyFitnessPal is a popular app amongst college goers for health and fitness and helps them keep track of their dietary habits and also nutrition requirements. Intake of calories and their usage can also be mapped on a day to day basis to learn as to whether the targets for the day have been met and so on.

Assuage your food cravings with Allrecipies Dinner Spinner

This is perhaps an unexpected one on the list and yet students do need to eat everyday! For those staying alone and away from home, a tasty meal is no longer a distant dream! Whipping up a cool and tasty dinner is very much possible with Allrecipies app and the craze for it is catching up amongst students pretty fast!

Explore the world with TripAdvisor

Staying away from home due to studies? Explore the lay of the land near your college and learn the local culture, popular customs and places of interest there. With TripAdvisor, you can even get an idea on popular local restaurants, the culture of the place and interesting customs and traditions. Why stay in your rooms when you can explore the world?

Manage your income with Mint

Of course you are on a limited budget if you are in college, everyone else is! Learning to plan your expenses and manage them becomes imperative and you can do so with Mint. This app helps you link various bank accounts and helps you track your spending and even set up reminders for your bills!

Enjoy a pleasurable reading experience with Kindle

There is a reason why Kindle is this popular! The reading experience that it offers is unparalleled and the in-built dictionary that it has is ultimate! Just highlight and look up the words that you understand instead of searching it elsewhere.


The college experience isn’t without its trials and tribulations. While it has its share of fun, it is important that students do well in their courses and the above mentioned apps help them manage their life in all its aspects from eating right, exercising, managing budgets to studying. Some of the apps mentioned above come highly recommended from popular tutors such as experts in English assignment help online and experts providing homework help in other subjects as well.

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